Research Department

Research Department performs coordination and monitoring of scientific-innovative activities at Kalashnikov ISTU.

The department functions are as follows:

  • Organization of exhibitions and conferences
  • Monitoring of grant and program tenders under the auspices of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
  • Monitoring of contractual issues with enterprises of Udmurt Republic and the Russian Federation
  • Development of youth organizations
  • Support of small and medium manufacturers and commercial

Infrastructure of Research Department

  • Scientific library
  • Publishing house
  • Exhibition scientific center
  • 3 dissertation councils
  • Business-incubator
  • Technological park «Izhrobo»
  • Research and educational centers and complexes
  • Open research centers of unique equipment and software

Research and Educational Complexes / Centers   

  • Research Center «Progressive Laser Technologies»
  • Institute of Radio Electronics
  • Research Center «Machines and Machining»
  • Research Center of Metallurgical Technologies, Welding and Nanomaterials
  • Authorized Body on Personnel Certification in the Field of Non-Destructive Testing of Railway Transport Technical Objects
  • Center of Certification Testing
  • Research Center of Progressive Gearings
  • Research Center «Power Machine-Building»
  • Innovative Center on Certification and Development of Applied Software on the Platform «1S: Enterprise 8.0»
  • M.T. Kalashnikov Institute of Small Arms
  • Institute of Information Support of Kalashnikov ISTU
  • Research Center «Institute of Municipal Facilities»
  • Research Center of Nanotechnologies

Open Research Centers (ORCs)

There are 15 ORCs currently operating at Kalashnikov ISTU aimed at: development of high technologies; integration of education, science and production; implementation and presentation of the university researches; increasing Kalashnikov ISTU’s competitiveness in education and research activities. They include: 

  • Investigation of Nanomaterials
  • Center of Nanoscopy
  • Re-Engineering and Advertising
  • Development of Unique Controlling Programs for CNC Machines and Methods for their Effective Operation
  • Safety in Technosphere
  • Engineering Systems and Ecology
  • Center of Chromatographic Expertise of Foodstuffs and Consumer Goods
  • Center of Information Communications (Cisco Networking Academy)
  • Information Technologies and High-Performance Computing
  • Educational-Research-Innovation Center of Knowledge-Based Computer Technologies
  • Center of Circuit Simulation and Virtual Measuring Systems
  • Center of Fundamental Research («Written Heritage»)
  • Research Center of Metallurgical Technologies, Welding and Nanomaterials
  • ORC of manufacturing type «Institute of Mechanics»
  • ORC of manufacturing type «Hi-Tech Processing of Non-Metallic Materials»

Arrangement of Scientific Events

Every year Kalashnikov ISTU hosts international forums aimed at the development and modernization of Russian and foreign educational systems, integration of higher education and science, development of high technologies. Researchers of Kalashnikov ISTU regularly participate in international conferences and exhibitions under the auspices of ministries and departments of the Russian Federation.   

Periodicals of Kalashnikov ISTU

  • Theoretical scientific journal «Bulletin of Kalashnikov ISTU» (recommended by Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation)
  • Practical scientific journal «Intellectual systems in manufacturing» (recommended by Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation)
  • Practical scientific journal «Mathematical models and information technologies in production organization»
  • Practical scientific journal «Social and economic management: theory and practice»