Optimization and intellectualization of radio systems and devices

Supervisor of scientific school:

Vladimir Viktorovich Khvorenkov, DSc, Prof., Department of Radio Engineering

H-index 1

Primary publications for 5 years:

  1. Kopysov, Andrey; Klimov, Igor; Zagidullin, Yuri; Muravev, Vitaliy; Muraveva, Olga, “The use of polarization characteristic of ionosphere for data communications”, Mechanical Engineering, Automation and Control Systems (MEACS), 2014 International Conference on, vol., no., pp. 1, 4, 16-18 Oct.2014.

Main research areas:

  • optimization of radio engineering systems and devices;

  • intellectualization of radio engineering systems and devices;

  • development of medical diagnostic means;

  • development of the systems of control automation, measuring and warning using a radio channel.

Presentation of the scientific school:

For the last 5 years the team of the scientific school published more than 89 articles, 56 of them were published in peer-reviewed editions. 4 patents and 8 intellectual property registration certificates were received over that period of time. The team took part in over 15 International and All-Russian scientific conferences and workshops.