Development and research of high-loaded planetary gearings


Fedor Ivanovich Plekhanov, DSc, Prof., an editorial board member of the scientific journal

H-index 3

Primary publications for 5 years:

  • Plekhanov F.I., Kuznetsov V.S. Deformability of elements of a planetary gear transmission. Russian Engineering Research, 2010, Vol. 30, № 6, pp. 557-560.

  • Plekhanov F.I., Ovsyannikov A.V. Load distribution over the roller length in a desr-roller planetary transmission. Russian Engineering Research, 2011, Vol. 31, № 3, pp. 203-205.

  • Plekhanov F.I., Ovsyannikov A.V. Load Capacity of Planetary Transmission with Internal Gear Engagement. Russian Engineering Research, 2011, Vol. 31, № 9, pp. 825-827.

  • Plekhanov F.I. Structures and Strength Properties of Planetary Gear with Internal Linkings Wheel Strength. Eastern European Scientific Journal, 2014, № 1, pp. 144-156.

Presentation of the scientific school:

Over the period of the school existence from 2001 till 2015 its team published 2 monographs, 5 textbooks, more than 60 articles, received 28 innovation patents. For the last 5 years 6 articles were published in editions from the database SCOPUS.