Department of Information Systems

gorohovHead of Department: Maxim Gorokhov, Prof., DSc

Address: Russia, Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk 426069, Studencheskaya 48A, bld. 7, room 512

Tel.: +7 (3412) 77-60-55 (*) 6292



Research Areas:

  • Creation, implementation, maintenance and analysis of information systems in economics
  • Training of highly qualified specialists
  • Studying of basic principles of organization of information systems and their application in subject areas
  • Development of inforware and software, design, debugging, production and operation of software and information systems
  • Development of models, forecasts, creation of information processes in concrete application area
  • Development of information technologies to automatize practically any activity
  • Development of problem-solving options, their analysis, forecast of consequences, search for compromises, planning of project implementation
  • Evaluation of reliability and quality of design object functioning
  • Calculation of economic efficiency
  • Investigation of information resource markets and peculiarities of their use