International online-conference in ISTU: positive experience

01From 24 to 28th June in the Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University an international online conference of young scientists “Energy saving, information technology and sustainable development” was hold.


New partners: International Scientific and Technical Park in Qingdao

Evgenii V. ReshetnikovEvgenii V. Reshetnikov, head of the Department of informatization of Kalashnikov ISTU, tells about the conference, prospects of cooperation with Chinese colleagues, building of “Blue Silicon Valley” in China:

- The conference was held in China, Qingdao city, where there is an intensive building of “Blue Silicon Valley” now, which is created by our Chinese colleagues.

“Blue Silicon Valley” is beautiful and sounding name for the one of the most promising centers of the rapidly developing economy of China. It is the area of scientific and technical park of Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) and the place of location of headquarters of ASRTU – Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities.


“INNOVA-2014”: new format

innovaInterregional youth scientific and educational forum “INNOVA-2014” with a foreign participation gathered the most curious, eager, aspiring young people of Russian and China in one place. From 3rd to 6th June on the bank of Kama river, in sport training center of ISTU students an ecological tent camp was located, it sheltered about 200 participants.

The forum was organized by Kalashnikov ISTU with the assistance of Ministry of Youth Affairs of the Udmurt Republic, Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and Federal agency for Youth Affairs.


Kalashnikov ISTU took 65th place in the rating of the best universities of Russia

Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University took 65th place in the rating of Russian universities according to the rating agency “Expert RA” and re-entered the top 100 Russian universities.
Preparing the rating, statistical indicators were used, surveys among 7,500 respondents (employers, representatives of academic and scientific communities, students and alumni) were conducted.
Kalashnikov ISTU is the only university from the Udmurt Republic, presented in “Expert RA” rating.


Kalashnikov ISTU in the National rating of Russian universities in 2013/2014 academic year

The fifth annual National rating of Russian universities has been published.
“National rating of Russian universities” project was initiated in 2009 by the International information group “Interfax” and radio station “Echo of Moscow” with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. The purpose of the project is development and testing of new mechanisms of an independent assessment of Russian universities.
161 universities are in the rating 2013/2014, including 74 classic universities, 29 national research universities, 37 technical and technological universities, 12 economic universities, 3 agricultural universities, 2 pedagogical universities, 2 building universities, 1 medical university and 1 private university.


Meeting of foreign students with K. S. Dubrovin (Migration Department of Russian Federation in Udmurt Republic)

Meeting of foreign students with K. S. Dubrovin (Migration Department of Russian Federation in Udmurt Republic)On May, 21 the meeting of foreign students, studying in Kalashnikov ISTU, with a representative of Migration Department in Udmurt Repubic was hold.
Meeting of foreign students with K. S. Dubrovin (Migration Department of Russian Federation in Udmurt Republic)This is the first meeting with the representative of Migration Department and student-foreigners of our university, but, undoubtely, the meeting was useful and necessary: the number of students from various countries in technical university is growing every year (for example, 32 students from Egyptian-Russian University (Egypt, Cairo) trains currently in Kalashnikov ISTU).


Lecture of Dr. Krishna

Lecture of Dr. KrishnaOn May 14 students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering attended the lecture of Dr. Krishna (India).
Krishna Ramanathan Neelakandan is the Doctor of Phylosophy and Civil Engineering. He is an expert in the field of building materials, sustainability and restoration of buildings, honorary member of the teaching staff of the Indian Institute of Technology (Madras), the member of the research council of University ANNA Chennai (until 2008), deputy secretary of the Asian Concrete institute (Singapore), participant of the international exchange programs and workshops in the USA and Europe. Dr. Krishna reads lecture in the universities of India, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.


The race Izhevsk-Minsk is finished

The race Izhevsk-Minsk is finishedOn May 8, 2014, the XI International field-and-track race with distance of 2,500 km has finished near the Mound of Glory which is located 21 km from Minsk. On the way the teams of Kazan Federal Univeristy, Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University n.a. R.E. Alekseev, Chuvash State Pedagogical University, Volgograd State Technical Unviersity and representatives from Sevastopol joined to the athletes of Kalashnikov ISTU.
In the campus of Belorussian National Technical University the meeting, devoted to the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Belarus from Nazi invaders was held. Veterans of the Second World War, rector of BNTU Boris Khrustalev, rector of NSTU Sergei Dmitriev, and rector of Kalashnikov ISTU Boris Yakimovich participated at the meeting. After that the participants laid flowers at the Memorial of Glory.


EQ-2014: the second day

EQ-2014: the second dayThe schedule of the second day of the conference was more eventful: in every building of our university there were workshop meetings (eight workshops worked), round tables, Forum of Young Researchers, seminars, exhibitions, presentations, etc.

The day started with the round table of rectors of Russian and foreign universities, where the ways to realize the international cooperation in the higher educaton were discussed. On this meeting rectors and vice-rectors of Udmurt Republic universities, the University of Aalen (Germany), ZEH company (Germany), Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (Germany), Egyptian-Russian University (Egypt), the University of A. Dubček (Slovakia), the Unviersity of Pécs (Hungary), Brno University of technology (Czech republic), the South-Moravian Centre for Internationl mobility (Czech Republic) gathered.


Cooperation with partners continues

Cooperation with partners continuesOn April 23, in the Administration of Izhevsk city it was hold the ceremony of signing an agreement of cooperation on the education and science between Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University and the University of Pécs (Hungary) and between Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University and the South-Moravian Center for International Mobility (Czech Republic).

Before the ceremonial signing of the agreement, the head of Izhevsk city A.A. Ushakov said that the administration of the city pay the great attention to the cooperation in the various areas, and stressed that Izhevsk is the only city that participates in the program of the Council of Europe “Intercultural Cities”.


Inaugural Meeting of the Academic Council of Kalashnikov ISTU

Inaugural Meeting of the Academic Council of Kalashnikov ISTUOn April 22, the first day of the work of the VI International Conference “Technical Universities: Intergration with European and World Education Systems”, traditional meeting of the Academic Council and the Ceremony of awarding the titles of “Doctor Honoris Causa of Kalashnikov ISTU” were held. New Doctors Honoris Causa of Kalashnikov ISTU became the rector of University of Pécs (Hunagry) József Bódis (Pécs, Hungary) and director of ZEH (Zeh Metallveredelungs GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany) Horst Dettinger.

The award “Doctor Honoris Causa Kalashnikov ISTU” was introduced ten years ago, in 1994, and among the first honorary doctors was M.T. Kalashnikov.


Kalashnikov ISTU holded an International Conference on education

Solemn “Gaudeamus” openedthe Sixth International Conference: “Technical Universities: Integration with European and World Education Systems”, which started its work on April 22, 2014 in Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Techical University in the frameworks of the Forum “Education Quality” (EQ-2014).

Representatives, students and graduates from universities of different countries gathered in the palace of culture “Integral”. Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, China, Croatia, Egypt, Syria, Belarus, Slovakia, Scotland, Uzbekistan, Russia – the great variaty of flags! Common problem combined all of them: how to integrate into the world educational community under conditions of Bologna Declaration and how to make a higher education in a country and a university more competitive.


Technical Universities: Integration with European and World Education Systems

On April 22–23, 2014 Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University will host the VI International Conference “Technical Universities: Integration with European and World Education Systems” within the framework of international forum “Education Quality – 2014”.
Representatives of over 30 universities of Russia, Hungary, Egypt, Slovak Republic, Syria, Czech Republic, China, Uzbekistan, Croatia, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland will participate in the conference.


Head on the East

Head on the EastAt the end of the March an agreement on cooperation between Kalashnikov ISTU and Harbin Institute of Technology (China) was signed.

Russian and China are long standing strategic partners. Recent years, the partnership between the two countries is growing and expanding. Russian-Chinese cooperation is charaterized by a wide range of coperation areas: science and education, trade and economic and humanitarian relations, joint participation in international and regional organizations.

Supporting the current trends of strengthening the relations with People’s rupiblic of China, Kalashnikov ISTU actively works on the creation of joint cooperation areas with Chinese side.


On March 04, 2014 new students from ERU (Egypt) came to our university

1There are 23 people in total (11 students studying Civil Engineering and 12 students in Mechatronics).
Students from our university helped the Department of International Education and Cooperation.
They met new students at the train station and helped them to get to the hostel.


Visit of Plenipotentiary of the German Embassy to ISTU

Visit of Plenipotentiary of the German Embassy to ISTUOn March 12 Kalashnikov ISTU hosted the plenipotentiary of the German Embassy in Moscow for Udmurt Republic Nikolaus Jaroslaw Korczynski.
The visit of Nikolaus Jaroslaw Korczynski to ISTU was held in the framework of his visit to the Udmurt Republic. As the honorary guest said, he is for the first time in Russia and Moscow, and coming to the capital of Udmurt Republic for him is discovery of the region which he oversees now.


Kalashnikov ISTU in the international rankings of universities

As of the end of 2013 year Kalashnikov ISTU got into the following reputable international rankings.

1. Academic Ranking of World Universities – European Standard.

Ranking is based on the parameters of so-called “Golden European Standard”. Such criteria as scientific work, international cooperation, demand for graduates and employers references, results of monitoring, international recognitions of lecturers were evaluated. The ranking of universities was carried out by means of a 9-point international system: three highest levels A (AAA, AA, A), three sufficient levels B (BBB, BB, B) and three satisfactory levels C (CCC, CC, C). All the other universities are considered as “below the rating”.


Students of the Faculty of Management and Marketing went for study to Czech Republic

Students of the Faculty of Management and Marketing went for study to Czech RepublicSince 2012 our University has been cooperating with Moravian University College Olomouc (MVŠO). This year in the framework of the cooperation agreement between MVŠO and Kalashnikov ISTU, students of the Faculty of Management and Marketing went for one semester of study to Czech Republic. Their study is held in English language.

Master students from Brno University of Technology in ISTU

Master students from Brno University of Technology in ISTUIn February 2014 Tomaš Pavlík, a first-year master student from our partner Brno University of Technology (BUT), Czech Republic, came to our university to study. In his home university Tomaš studies Business and Management. In our university he is attending classes, conducted in Russian language. The list of courses he is taking includes: Macroeconomics, Economic analysis, Strategic management, Economic problems of company, Russian language.

Brno University of Technology is a strategic partner of Kalashnikov ISTU. Cooperation between BUT and Kalashnikov ISTU began in February 2002 after signing the Framework Agreement. That was the starting point of long-term relations. Our students and graduates regularly come to BUT for studies and internships.


Our university welcomed students from Moravian University College Olomouc

Our university welcomed students from Moravian University College OlomoucIn February 2014 our university welcomed students from Moravian University College Olomouc, Czech Republic. The students came to study at the Faculty of Management and Marketing from February till April, 2014. During their stay at our university they are taking courses of Applied mathematics, Financialmathematics, Marketing, Communication Skills, Logistics and Russian language, held in English language. They already enjoyed the sightseeing of our city.